Oregon restricts use of Dinotefuran Pesticides


On June 27, 2013, the Oregon Department of Agriculture imposed a temporary restriction on the use of 18 insecticide products containing the active ingredient dinotefuran. The temporary rule will remain in effect until December 24, 2013, while ODA investigates two large bumble bee kills in Hillsboro and Wilsonville.

The restrictions include products used in ornamental, turf and agriculture, for both homeowners and professional applicators. Common trade names of products include, but are not limited to: Safari, Venom, Scorpion, and Zylam. Products with the active ingredient dinotefuran registered in Oregon for other uses, such as flea and tick control on pets or home ant and roach control, are not affected by the restriction.

ODA’s Pesticide Program has established a web site with more information on the dinotefuran restriction and instructions for anyone who may have purchased these products.

Click here for a list of the products affected:
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