Oregon Agriculture Chemicals & Fertilizer Association

Oregon Agriculture Chemicals & Fertilizer Association is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to promote the safe use of agricultural chemicals and fertilizer products and to advocate on behalf of those involved with the manufacture, sale, and application of these products.

OACFA’s goals include providing educational programs to users of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers in order to assure their safe application and protection of the environment. These programs promote awareness and adherence to all appropriate state and federal regulations and procedures regarding the use of agricultural pesticides and fertilizers.
OACFA’s goals also include enhancing public awareness of the need for and the associated benefits of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers.
Safety & Stewardship Seminars

There won’t be any in-person Safety Seminars this year, but OACFA will host two live webinars on Tuesday, Nov. 10 and Thursday, Nov. 12. The webinars will be hosted through Zoom, although you do not need to have a Zoom account. You may join via computer or phone.

Each day is divided into two sections with two presenters in the morning – 10 am to noon, a break for lunch and two presentations in the afternoon – 1 PM to 3 PM.

Each of the OACFA Webinars has been approved for 4 credits by:

  • Oregon Department of Agriculture (4 Core or other)
  • Washington State Department of Agriculture (4 credits)
  • Oregon Landscape Contractors Board (4 Continuing Education Hours)
  • Certified Crop Advisors (4 credits)

November 10

  • 1 Nutrient Management
  • 1 Soil & Water Management
  • 2 Integrated Pest Management

November 12

  • 4 Integrated Pest Management

How to Register

Registration is easy. Follow the links below to access the Zoom registration page. Once you complete the basic information (Be certain to enter your Oregon Pesticide License number), click on the link to PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account, just look for the option at the bottom of the page to pay via credit card.

Once your payment is complete you will be sent a unique URL (link) via e-mail that will allow you to connect to the webinar. You must NOT share this link with anyone, as the link identifies each individual and will record attendance.

During the live webinar, you will see each presenter and the material on their screen. However, the audience will not be on screen or have use of audio. You will be able to ask questions by typing into the Q&A box on your screen. Presenters will answer as many questions as possible at the end of their presentation.

Cost for each webinar is $60.

November 10, 2020

November 10 Registration

Morning session – 2 Oregon credits

10:00 AM
Allan Felsot
Ph.D. Washington State University, Dept. of Entomology
Human and Environmental Toxicology of Pesticide Formulation & Spray Adjuvants
Regulatory aspects of formulation and spray adjuvants, physical chemistry of adjuvants and why they are needed for biological activity, environmental hazards, plus human health hazards and why gloves mitigate most risk

11:00 AM
Ashley Freeman
Bell Laboratories
Rodent Management for Pest Management Professionals
Public Health importance of rodent management, rodent biology important to control, conducting an inspection, rodenticide applications – PPE and safety.

Noon to 1:00 PM – Break

Afternoon session – 2 Oregon credits

1:00 PM
Jeffrey Jenkins
Ph.D., OSU, Dept. of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
Incorporating Vegetative Filter Strips for Pesticide Risk Management in Surface Water
Covering use of vegetative filter strips, effectiveness of VFS for mitigating runoff and potential as a conservation practice in Oregon watersheds

2:00 PM
Garnet Cooke
Oregon OSHA
Pesticide Storage and Wildfires
Will your pesticide storage area be an extreme financial liability in event of a wildfire? Methods to increase defensibility of your storage area and tips on top 10 violations

3:00 PM – Adjourn

November 12, 2020

November 12 Registration

Morning session – 2 Oregon credits

10:00 AM
Will Lackey
Vegetation Management Coordinator, Oregon Dept. of Transportation
Covid 19, Insights From A Vegetation Manager
Break down the response to Covid 19 using IPM principles including pest identification, prevention, monitoring, early detection and rapid response and treatments.

11:00 – 11:30 AM
Grant Jackson
ODA Pesticides Program
Oregon Pesticide Regulatory Update

11:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Michael Odenthal
ODA Pesticides Program
Lessons Learned / Case Review
Review of enforcement cases concerning errors made and how to avoid them. Also covering drift prevention measures.

12:00 PM to 1:00 PM – Break

Afternoon session – 2 Oregon credits

1:00 PM
Andony Melathopoulos
Ph.D., OSU, Dept. of Horticulture
Going Soft on Pollinators & Hard on Pests
Selecting and applying pesticides to reduce risk to pollinators and how to find and interpret pesticide language about pollinators.

2:00 PM
Marcelo Moretti
Ph.D., OSU, Dept. of Horticulture
2,4-D Drift Impact on Hazelnuts
Impact of 2,4-D in hazelnut harvest and practices to reduce drift.

3:00 PM – Adjourn

  • Albaugh, LLC
  • Alligare
  • AMVAC Chemical Corp
  • Bank of Eastern Oregon
  • BASF Corporation
  • Bayer CropScience
  • Bell Laboratories, Inc.
  • Certis USA / Biopesticides
  • CORTEVA Agriscience
  • FMC
  • Gowan Company
  • Helena Agri-Enterprises LLC
  • KALO, Inc.
  • KWS Distributing
  • Metarex by Liphatech
  • Marion Ag Service
  • Mid Columbia Producers, Inc.
  • Miller Chemical & Fertilizer LLC
  • Morrow County Grain Growers
  • Neudorff North America
  • Northwest Farm Credit Services
  • Nufarm Americas Inc.
  • Nutrien Ag Solutions
  • OrCal Inc.
  • Pallets for Agriculture, Inc.
  • Pratum Co-op
  • Sand Hollow Ag Supply
  • Simplot Grower Solutions – Halsey
  • Simplot Grower Solutions – Umatilla
  • Syngenta Crop Protection
  • The McGregor Company
  • Valent USA
  • Valley Agronomics LLC
  • Veseris
  • Wheatland Insurance Center
  • Wilbur-Ellis Company – Adams
  • Wilbur-Ellis Company – Albany


Benefits to being a member of Oregon Agriculture Chemicals & Fertilizer Association include legislative representation, access to industry specific training, and industry information. OACFA distributes electronic newsletters about industry issues, available resources, updates on recent legislation or changes to regulatory requirements. Each fall OACFA sponsors a series of seminars — Safety & Stewardship Seminars. The Seminars emphasize the safe, effective and legal application of pesticides, as well as environmental protection. Private growers, custom applicators, and other users of pesticide products, such as landscape personnel and pest control operators also benefit from this continuing education opportunity. Seminar attendees receive recertification credits to properly maintain their applicator licenses in Oregon and adjoining states. OACFA electronic newsletters provide frequent reminders about other continuing education programs and resources throughout the year.


Individual: $25/year

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Corporate: $125/year

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Small businesses with no more than 3 employees. For larger businesses, dues are $125 plus $25 per person for more than 3 employee/corporate members. Our online registration offers you the option of either paying by credit card through PayPal or requesting an invoice to be forwarded by mail.